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Remember when….

Never forget

but I’m trying so hard why wont you let me

kai moments at idol star olympics - part 1        [part 2]

Luhan’s definition of “aegyo”….

66-67/∞- b&w closeup edits of exo's flawlessness

Luhan, Tao, and Chanyeol x Run Away

Sehun, Luhan, and Kai x Run Away

kyungsoosvoiceispuresex whispered:
I miss my teddy bear. Would you sleep with me?

I sleep naked I hope you don’t mind.

Sehun expressing his thoughts on this rocker look of Zitao:

"He looks so cool in the fur jacket with the MCM Visetos stark package. Tao hyung has a sharp appearance, he looks very manly. When he stares at the camera sincerely, it gives a charming feeling. The makeup also made everything better, he really suits this style. But of course, it’s totally different from the Tao in real life."

And extra bonus from Jongin: "Tao in real life is very innocent and a little bit of dumb (laughs)"

hunhan date at the voice of korea 


Kai - 140821 Mnet M! Countdown - Petty Boy

Credit: namja1to4. (엠넷 엠! 카운트다운)